Exhibitor Bulletin #3: Promotion Tips


Boost your social media presence. OCEANS'15 is initiating a “Meet our Exhibitors” promotion. On business days between now and October 16, we will be posting the names and website addresses of several exhibitors. All exhibitors will be mentioned once. The order will be determined by a random draw.

Follow the conference on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can find the icons at the top right of each page on our website. When you see the posts for your organization, you can re-post to reach your contacts.

Sign up for the Product Theater on the Exhibition Floor. Up to thirteen (13) companies may demonstrate their newest advancements via a 30-minute presentation. Due to space limitations, actual product demonstrations are not permitted — we are offering an opportunity to present and discuss your latest and greatest! If you sign up, be sure to let your contacts know they can see your presentation at no charge with an Exhibits Only registration if they aren’t attending the conference.


Promote your exhibit at OCEANS'15 on your website. It could be on your home page or calendar of events.

Increase the impact of your print, web, flyers and other advertising efforts by adding something like: Visit us in Booth ## XXX at OCEANS'15.

Invite (e.g., email blast) existing and potential customers, clients and suppliers to visit your booth. Give them a reason: are you featuring a new product or service? are you entering a new market? If they are not planning to attend the full conference, they can register for Exhibits Only at no charge, online or on site at the registration counter. Be sure you give them all the details, such as your booth number and the conference website.

Consider increasing your market presence at the event by taking advantage of one of the Patron Opportunities.

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