Tutorials are half-day or full-day presentations that are meant to complement the technical program of OCEANS '15 MTS/IEEE Washington, DC by describing the fundamental elements of a technology and/or rudiments of a subject in a classroom setting. All tutorial sessions will be held on Monday, OCTOBER 19, the day before the formal opening of the conference.

Tutorials are an “add-on” to the main conference registration; however, you may register for a Tutorial without registering for the full conference.  To do so please proceed to our online Registration system http://washington15.oceansconference.org/ then select the TUTORIAL ONLY REGISTRATION option when prompted for the registration type. If you are registering as a full conference registrant, you will be able to add individual tutorials during that registration process.

The tutorials are conducted under the auspices of the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and Continuing Education Certificates are issued to participants who request them.

Linked to each Tutorial Title in the below list is a detailed description of the Tutorial and instructor.

Please contact the Tutorials Chair with further questions: Doug.Abraham@washington15.oceansconference.org







Applied Bayesian Signal Processing

Dr. James V. Candy

Lawrence National Laboratory

and University of California, Santa Barbara

Half Day
8am – 12pm


Bayesian Multiple Target Tracking

Dr. Lawrence D. Stone and Dr. Kristine L. Bell

Metron, Inc.

Half Day
1pm – 5pm


MIMO in the Water

Prof. Mauro Biagi

University of Rome, Sapienza

Half Day

1pm – 5pm


Time-frequency Analysis of Environmental Data

Dr. Ingrid Puillat and

Dr. Dhouha Kbaier Ben Ismail


Full Day
8am – 5pm


The Emerging Oceanic Natural Gas Hydrate Resource:  Opportunities for Technology Development to Enable Commercialization

Dr. Michael D. Max and Arthur H. Johnson

Hydrate Energy International

Half Day
8am – 12pm


Technological Forecasting for Science & Technology Intelligence (half day)

Dr. Richard P. Mignogna

Technology/Engineering Management Int’l, LLC

Part I
Half Day
8am – 12pm


Technological Forecasting for Science & Technology Intelligence (full day)

Dr. Richard P. Mignogna

Technology/Engineering Management Int’l, LLC


Parts I & II
Full Day
8am – 5pm


Systems Engineering

Bob Rassa, IEEE Fellow


Half Day


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