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OCEANS'15 MTS/IEEE Washington, DC

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OCEANS'15 Product Theater


This is YOUR opportunity to showcase the technologies your company is known for. Attendees will be able to learn, view and interact with your leading edge innovations.

Up to thirteen (13) companies may demonstrate their newest advancements via a 30-minute presentation. Due to space limitations, actual product demonstrations are not permitted — we are offering an opportunity to present and discuss your latest and greatest!

The OCEANS'15 Product Theater Presentations are not sales pitches, but rather a special focus on the technology, its innovativeness and uses. Remember — it's not about your company, it's about your amazing product and how it is a ‘game-changer!'

The Details:

  • Product demo sessions are only available to confirmed OCEANS'15 exhibiting companies.

  • Advance sign-up is required. Please see the link below for a PDF to register and select your time slot.

  • Advance payment of $250 is required to cover costs of AV equipment. Screen, podium, microphone, LCD-TV and power are all included. Presenters should use their own laptop for videos, slides, etc.

  • OCEAN'15 Product Theater is located in the Exhibition Hall. Seating will be provided for 50 attendees.

  • Presenters are encouraged to issue invitations to clients and prospective clients to attend the event.

  • Each presentation session is 30-minutes. Sessions must highlight the technology innovations and not be a sales presentation.

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